Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trip to genting

I went to genting with my friend last week..this is first time i went holiday with my friends.such a good holiday for me even is jus a 2 days 1 night.
We meet a Sri Lanka friend.At first we thought he original from malaysia and pure indian boy from penang,coz he sit a same bus from penang to genting.When we ask him only we know that we from Sri Lanka and came here for holiday 2 weeks.
We cant manage to get his contact.He such a handsome guy and funny guy.He told us that since we reach there about 3 am after we take a number than they go casino till 12noon after they check in they went to casino again till 3pm and continue go casino after 4pm till the nite,and they continue go casino till 2pm when we need to take bus go back penang.
We hope that can meet him again if possible,so that we can get his contact number or email.Both of us have wonderfully holiday there.We plan to go there again in May.
This time we go KL and genting oso.So that we can finish to see the 18 Chamber in Chin Swee Temple genting..

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