Wednesday, December 24, 2008

X'Mas Eve

what a boring day.Even thought i'm working,i still feel boring.My mind is arguing that whether i want to join my friends X'mas party or not,or else i just go home and play games.I'm feel that my life was boring since i was not in college.
No friends,no entertainment,i've nothing to do except working and play games.I'm want to study but when i was holding my book i really feel that going to throw ff the book.i really think to give up,but i have no choice.What can i do?
I can pretend i'm ok,happy,cheerful in front of my friends but when come to i'm alone i really feel sad.I know my parents was very support me,but i don't know how to tell them my feeling.they alwaystell me "aiya is like that one la."I know they are care to me but i really don'y know what i want now.
What i can do now is day past a day,whating the time coming.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

From my heart

Suddenly i feel very lonely.No friends accompany.When time they working I'm off day,when they off i have to work.When i want to go shopping they almost close cause i finish work at 8pm.Hmmm I started feel that my life so bored.When can i changed it??

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My off day

Yesterday is my off day.Hmmmm early in morning wake up by my mom.She was SMS me.i force to wake up 0915.I thought that today is my off day so that i can sleep more late.

What was it he first question my mom ask me is 'how many weight i loss??' heheh so i have go weight myself....Wah now is 75kg.last month is 78kg.i'm so happy.My mom ask me to keep it and loss the weight to 70kg.I will try my best to do that.

I have been so busy when i was off.after meet my mom is about 1200 than i ride to Pulau Tikus to have lunch with my friend.After that is about 1300 i went to HQ to visit my cat than my second elder brother call me,he ask me fetch him at jetty.So i ride back home take helmet and go jetty.I bring him to have his lunch.Hmmmm long time i dint see him,is about After that my elder brother send him back to jetty is about 1640.

After my elder brother send him back he came to my house to chit chat.Long time we dint have this time to chat.I cook for him to eat.I really miss last time when we stay together.When he go home is about 1830.i tidy myself and take bath when i bring some dinner gown to my grandma house to borrow my mom.i stay there for a while than i went to HQ to have meeting.

I wait there till 2130 they also haven start the meeting.Haiz....everytime also like that.I end my days at 0200 cause busy with play computer games.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Last night i call him said need his help to go Digi centre settle my thing.He very quickly say 'sure,meet you there tomorrow.'
This morning i saw him,i think that i still miss him,am i still in love with him?I also don't know.Almost three years we break,sometime i still will think of him,but i don't know what my heart want.i ask him many time can we be like last time,he said NO.Why am i still want him?
I really hope that this thing can settle,i try not to think of him,but he just suddenly came in my mind.What can i do??

Friday, December 12, 2008


In this two month holiday i was busy in working.Hmm it can said that i never have my holiday also.When ever i off i will working at others place.i Just feel that i don't want to stay at home.I will getting crazy when i was in my room and look at my book.
I think that want to give up,but how i going to paid my bond and contract.I just wondering that which company would like to paid my bond.Hehhehe i thin i must be crazy already.That why no matter how i also have to finish my study if not i better go to heaven.If i can.
Few week later i have to work in hospital,i really don't want but i have to .I scared to face other people.i scared to listen what they say and laugh.I feel very embarrass to back hospital,but i have no choice.
I promise my mother befor to cotinue study,i promise everyone,but now i really feel want to study.When ever i go back to my room,i really want to throw all my book.I jus hope that i ant finish my study.i hope that when i reapplyfor next year they accept me,if not i really dont knw what to do.