Sunday, April 26, 2009

getting crazy.....

What are you thinking now?
you know we are worried whole night you dint come back you also dint wan to call us,you hand phone no battery you also can call from public phone or you can borrow you friend's hand phone to sms or call us.
We already make appointment together that we go breakfast together but you didn't turn up.We really worried about you,what are you thinking now?If you told us,we will try our best to help you.We are looking for you at gurney.We look every single of coffee shop...We just want you to be alright.Sometime i really think did you treat the us as family?Did you know that what meaning of FAMILY?
Daddy ask me about you today,i don't know how to answer him.He said me didn't care about you..Did i?i really don't know what to answer him d.i can see daddy is very about,just he pretend that he is OK only.
If really can,i don't want you go but you stay here is only between life and dead.When you go China you still have the 50% chance.We have to take the risk rather than you stay here.We have no choice,we want you be a good guy.Sound like we forcing you to go there.
Yesterday i almost quarrel with ah hou cause making decision which day of flight that want to let you go.I want you go there asap,i don't wan you stay long here,cause i worried about your safety.I hope you will understand us.
Please don't let us worried about you.I wait you come back home every night,but yet you dint come back.We always support you.....always.Please let us know if you have any problem.

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