Friday, November 20, 2009

Awairting for the result

Now is the time 1.08pm..awaiting for my Psychology result to come mind is blank,retarded,nothing to said..
I'm feel palpitation,restless.Really scared d.I dunno what can i write here now...
God Bless Me Please.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

No Body Know

No body will know that how tired i am....
no body know how stress i am....
God know....and i know...
i have no rest for this whole week....
Monday was working under RC to transfer patient to Taiping Hospital.
Tuesday morning was so daddy call me 1045am and ask me go to help them open the shop.The business is start at 11am.I haven have any bath....After all thing settle i rush back to have my bath than went to class.....After class was going to meet my tuitor.After meet her i was rush to go do my Psychology assignment at my aunt shop.Reach home is about 830pm.
Wednesday morning was going to help my aunt work than evening time was rush to take my assignment for practical.I was so rush to do my assignment in the college.Is because my house don't have any Internet assess.When i finish my assignment is about 1am in the morning.
Thursday was wake up early in the morning 5am to get ready for practical.After the practical need to go practice skill in skill lab...After all day done in college when i reach home is about 4pm.I was too tired to do everything.Night time was rushing to complete my assignment and my Psychology assignment.
Friday wake up at the same time 5am to get ready everything.Today schedule is same like Thursday.When reach home is about 4pm.My friend was so kind that when he know my problem he really help me a lot even thought he himself having a problem too.I was so appreciate that he treat me as his good friend.Than Friday night was going out with friend because she wan to use my laptop to type minutes.So i have no choice i just help her.When i reach home is about 1230am.I couldn't sleep cause when i think back that when i need help from my friend that owe me money,i ask her may be she can paid me some money back because i have no money to use.She dint said anything to me that weather can or not.Luckily my another friend that i just really treat him as normal friend.He really help me a lot.He have no doubt that give me the money to paid for my subject fees.I really dunno what to said to him.I was felt a sleep around 3am.
Saturday morning wake up at 530 am to get ready to go duty.I'm now start go duty is because i need money.hehehehe The duty is in Dell and finish at 1030am.Reach HQ is around 11am.My daddy call me why i dd not turn up to work at my aunt's shop i told him that i just finish my job.Hmmmmm..i'm so sleepy now at i know that i have no time to rest.Is because after finish work at my aunt shop i need to go back have bath than continue my journey to HQ to clean hall.What time i will work till,i really dunno.
Than Sunday morning need to go Bukit Gedung for cycling duty.After the duty i need to come my aunt shop to work till evening and i need to attend a dinner on the night.Than start Monday i need to start my 4 days clinical and practice.
I dunno when will i fall sick...i really tired.i have my whole body ache.