Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last day clinical..

4 Dec 2009 is my last day of clinical in hospital....almost 21 days I'm working in hospital...the last day experience is very excited....
I was taking care a person with CA vaginal and uterus and vaginal fistula plus laparotomy sigmoidectomy with terminal colostomy.
When first day taking care her i almost took one hour for the sponging and vaginal toilet.I was taking her for 3 days...I was feel sympathy to her...she just 50 plus years old and she suffer so many illness.She was very week when POD 1 after surgery.
Doctor was order 2 unit fresh frozen plasma (FFP)for her daily....I have no chance to give FFP for the first two days..When last day working means Friday my clinical instructor was asking me to do the blood transfusion procedure with her.
At first the blood transfusion is started at 1035 than the FFP was very slow...At 1120 patient develop low graded fever..Panadol 1gm given.Ice pack apply.When 1st unit FFP finish i check temperature with ear scan is 37.6 is still low grade.So i start to give 2nd unit FFP to her at 1150 that time temperature still 37.6.1200 i check the vital sign the temperature is 38 and blood pressure shoot up to 170/100 i inform the staff nurse than they ask me to stop the transfusion disconnect everything and run the normal saline.The staff call the main doctor via phone.The whole packed of blood was send back to main lab to do some test.
When the incident was happen i was very nervous.I feel like I'm doing nothing the the patient.
Anyway thank Gos that she is fine.....