Thursday, March 11, 2010

i'm not a good leader.

I really despair...i really not a good leader.I really feel that i want to resign from my post...I really cant take the stress...I wish people can understand me, but seem like people is not understanding me...
i dunno what can i done to let people feel satisfy, but cant they all think of my situation?

Saturday, March 6, 2010


突然收到了消息,nursing board exam 的分数提升到85%。那为什么不直接叫我们靠一百分就好啦。其实最近真的发生太多东西了。刚开学,考试就很不顺利了。第一次不及格,重考还是不及格。今年真的完蛋了啦。nursing board exam有提升passing marked 到85%。那不如叫我们去考医生就好啦。干嘛考得那么辛苦呢?