Wednesday, December 24, 2008

X'Mas Eve

what a boring day.Even thought i'm working,i still feel boring.My mind is arguing that whether i want to join my friends X'mas party or not,or else i just go home and play games.I'm feel that my life was boring since i was not in college.
No friends,no entertainment,i've nothing to do except working and play games.I'm want to study but when i was holding my book i really feel that going to throw ff the book.i really think to give up,but i have no choice.What can i do?
I can pretend i'm ok,happy,cheerful in front of my friends but when come to i'm alone i really feel sad.I know my parents was very support me,but i don't know how to tell them my feeling.they alwaystell me "aiya is like that one la."I know they are care to me but i really don'y know what i want now.
What i can do now is day past a day,whating the time coming.

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