Friday, December 12, 2008


In this two month holiday i was busy in working.Hmm it can said that i never have my holiday also.When ever i off i will working at others place.i Just feel that i don't want to stay at home.I will getting crazy when i was in my room and look at my book.
I think that want to give up,but how i going to paid my bond and contract.I just wondering that which company would like to paid my bond.Hehhehe i thin i must be crazy already.That why no matter how i also have to finish my study if not i better go to heaven.If i can.
Few week later i have to work in hospital,i really don't want but i have to .I scared to face other people.i scared to listen what they say and laugh.I feel very embarrass to back hospital,but i have no choice.
I promise my mother befor to cotinue study,i promise everyone,but now i really feel want to study.When ever i go back to my room,i really want to throw all my book.I jus hope that i ant finish my study.i hope that when i reapplyfor next year they accept me,if not i really dont knw what to do.

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